Actors Headshot Pre-Photo Shoot Do's & Don'ts

Now that you have chosen your wardrobe make sure they are all cleaned, ironed, pressed and camera ready. Any time spent ironing or cleaning your garments is less time photographing you.

If you have made a good decision to have a hair and make-up artist, come with clean faces and without make up. However, do come with your hair ready. Meaning, don’t come with your hair “out of the shower” wet. Again, the more time we spend drying your hair the less time we have in front of the camera.

Do not drink alcohol, party, or take any mind altering drugs the night before or on the day of your shoot. Otherwise, it will show up in your headshots. Some people assume that having a cocktail or smoking a joint will relax them during their shoot but unfortunately it will only deaden the eyes, dull your senses, and the camera will capture the fogginess. We want you to be 100% present and focused.

Don’t get facials or haircuts near your shoot date. If you are getting a facial schedule it one week prior to your shoot. This will prevent you from possibly showing up with red or irritated skin. If you are getting your hair cut make sure it is at least 1-2 weeks from your shoot.

Women should be aware of any unwanted fine hair on their upper lip. If removal is necessary, please do so 4-5 days before your shoot date.

Men should come unshaven if they are going for a more diverse look and bring their shaving kits with them. If they are coming in for a one look shoot then they should arrive already shaven and camera ready.

Don’t wear any sunglasses or eyeglasses 2 hours before the shoot as they have a tendency to leave ridges on your nose.

Make sure to have a good breakfast. Some people think that it will be better to not eat so they won’t feel bloated during their shoot. Unfortunately, if you come hungry or starving you will more than likely be slightly tired, irritated, or sluggish and it will show up in your shots. So make sure to have a healthy breakfast or lunch before your shoot.

Drink a lot of water the day before and on the day of your shoot. If you are not in the custom to drinking lots of water daily then maybe now you should start. Water is life’s best kept secret. It will hydrate your skin, detoxify your body, and make you radiate. So drink up. It’s free.

One last thing. Get plenty of sleep the night before. I can always see when someone shows up to their shoot who hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep. The eyes show it all and they will not lie in your headshots. We want your beautiful eyes to sing during your shoot not be tired and grouchy. So sleep my darling beauties and sleep well. We want you at you’re “A” game.

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