Headshot Wardrobe - What to bring/What to leave behind

You should come with at least 3 different wardrobe changes even if you are shooting for just one look. It’s always better to have more options to choose from than not. If you are shooting for 3 looks then bring 4-6 outfit changes, or at least different shirts or blouses.

Avoid any patterns like strips, plaids, florals, pokkadots, etc. as these are very distracting and pulls focus away from your eyes, which is what should be the primary focus of your headshot.

You should also avoid bright bold colors as these too can be very distracting and can possibly cast weird color tones against your skin. No matter how small or indiscernible, the camera will pick it up.

Examples of strong colors and patterns

As you can see these bold colors and patterns can be distracting and even uncomfortable to look at.

T-shirts or Polo shirts are fine as long as they don’t have any lettering, words, or logos. Again, don’t bring anything that is going to pull attention away from your eyes or your face.

I love textures as they create a wonderful contrast to skin texture and suppleness. Textures found in linen shirts, wool or knit sweaters, or leather jackets are some good examples. So if you have them, bring them.

Examples of good colors and textures

As in the images above, try to consider garments that can complement your skin tone or your eyes. Remember your eyes should be the primary focus, so anything that will compliment them will be best.

Above all else, bring garments that you absolutely love and that you feel amazing in. If you feel good and amazing the camera will capture that and this is want we want. So leave behind anything that makes you feel weird or uncomfortable.

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