Headshot Hair and Make Up - Is it worth it?

A hair and make-up artist is there to help bring your headshots to life. Whether you are going for a commercial or theatrical headshot, a hair & make up artist will help bridge your conceptual looks for the camera.

They are professionals for a reason and that’s because they have an acute eye for details and can see the best tones and colors for your skin tone and what is needed for each look you are going for, from skin tone concealer to lip color to blush to hair up or hair down.

Because the camera picks up every detail, unless you are a make-up artist yourself, I would highly recommend having a hair and make–up artist during your headshot photo shoot.

Here are a few examples of the effects that simple make-up has on different skin tones.

A hair and make-up artist will be worth every penny when it comes to your headshots. So don't skimp out. I work with one of the best professional hair and make-up artist around. You will love her.

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