Mudderella 2016

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Mudderella 2016

Mudderella is a 5+ mile obstacle mud run created for women, by women, for charity. The 2016 event series features challenging new obstacles, more mud, and even more opportunities to work together with others around you.

Mudderella is proud to partner with Futures Without Violence as our national charity beneficiary. All proceeds raised by participants support their mission to protect women against domestic and sexual violence.

While the venue may be the same, the obstacles and on-course experience will be anything but. Get ready for miles of terrain featuring gritty motocross hills, swampy back wood trails and new 2016 obstacle creations that’ll challenge your strength and determination. Located less than an hour from the iconic Jersey Shore, gather your girls and turn it into a weekend of relaxation that’ll include salty air and sandy hair.

The courses are 5+ miles and include 12–15 obstacles. It’s a true athletic event that allows you to own your strong. It helps to be a good runner, but you don’t have to be a trained marathon runner in order to be a Mudderella. You can go through the course at your own speed, and there are opportunities to take breaks from running at each obstacle.


Mudderella 2016

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